Who We Are

Men’s Haven is a place for Jewish males aged 40-60’s to meet, learn and engage .The Men’s Haven has been established with the intention to fill a much-needed gap in the Melbourne Jewish community. While women invest more time and effort in fostering friendships and connections , many men with teenage or adult children or depending on their stage of life in selling businesses or changing careers, often lack the forum for interaction outside work and family commitments. The Men’s Haven is providing the opportunity to mingle and for many men to help build a new social circle.

As well as providing a place to socialize and network, each session will include a featured speaker (a Maven). Topics will range from issues surrounding men’s health to how to make the perfect barbeque and stories and lessons from inspiring individuals, ensuring something interesting for everyone who attends.

…….As we grow older, anecdotal evidence shows a number of men find themselves doing very little outside of work or family commitments. Whilst women will call up a friend for a chat or catch up over coffee, this tends not to happen for many men. Some have been too focused on their careers, their family or may have other significant issues in their life – which ends up compromising their social lives. Men often also close up to family and friends regarding personal issues or matters they are simply not dealing with and this concept will give them the opportunity and platform to share and gain support on these matters which typically many other men in the group will also be facing and learning to manage.

The Melbourne Jewish Community is no different to the rest of society. The Men’s Haven has a pretty simple aim – to provide a place for men to come together, have a few laughs, meet new people and listen to an interesting talk. The underlining premise that we will foster is to meet, learn and engage!

The Haven is culturally Jewish, but is not aligned with any religious ethos, so anyone is welcome, from ultra orthodox to completely secular.

Men Haven has been developed by Ian Israelsohn, Michael Kurc and Daniel Jenshel. Three men from different parts of the community that we hope will attract and diverse and cohesive cross section of the Melbourne Male Jewish community.


Honesty and truthfulness

Openness and Acceptance

Confidentiality and privacy

Compassion and comfort

Tolerance and non judgemental

Respectful of religious, cultural and political views

Respect for women

Respect for sexuality

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